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Windhoek canoeists reach top tier of international competition

Windhoek canoeists reach top tier of international competition

Pictured: Teams from the Windhoek Canoe Club participating in one of the biggest canoe polo tournaments in Europe. – Photos: Courtesy of Anton Jacobie

Sports Reporter
TWO teams from the Windhoek Canoe Club reached positions in the top eight of an international Canoe Polo tournament currently underway at the Baldeneysee in Essen, Germany.
The Canoe Polo tournament is one of the biggest events of this kind in Europe where a 124 teams participate in 570 games of canoe polo. The sport is similar to water polo and is also an Olympic sport code.
The two Namibian teams, a very young under-21 team and a men’s team who are participating in the second division of the competition reached the Top 8. The second round of the tournament started today.
Earlier on Sunday the under-21 team of the Windhoek Canoe Club took on a very strong team from the German city of Essen and was eliminated from the final round of the canoe polo match in the last 15 seconds.
Canoe polo is played by two teams of five players on a rectangular playing pitch that can be in open water or in a swimming pool. Matches are played over two halves of 10 minutes with the aim to score into a goal which is suspended above the water at each end of the pitch.
The ball in canoe polo is the same that is used in water polo, and can be controlled by hand or by a player’s paddle. If a match ends in a tie then the golden goal overtime rule applies which means the next team to score is the winner.

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