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Vendors are warned not to sell rotten food

Vendors are warned not to sell rotten food

Marthina Mutanga

VENDORS of food on the streets of Windhoek has received a stern warning from authorities not to sell rotten food to passing school children after some parents registered complaints with the Namibian Police.
Khomas Regional Community Affairs Unit Commander, Katrina Naukutju, said they have engaged with the street vendors and learners at Hage Geingob High School in Windhoek on the effects and implications of selling expired food as well as the mixing of leftovers with fresh food and selling it to learners.

Pictured: Street vendors selling food to learners at a school in Windhoek. Photo: File

Naukutju noted that they educated the learners and encouraged them to carry lunch boxes to school as an alternative over buying food from the street.
“We have issued strict warnings to the street vendors to concentrate on hygiene when they prepare and sell their food,” said Naukutju.
Street vendors, especially women, are seen along the city streets selling goods ranging from sweets to recharge vouchers and even vetkoeks on a daily basis.
These people spend their entire day in the same spot, sometimes with their kids. They eat there and even nap in the shade when they can. With the little money that they make, they take on their daily lives and overcome challenges.
Most of the places the street vendors occupy to sell their wares are ‘illegal’ and they can be asked to move away at any time by city or police officials.
The police are currently running a Keep Me Safe campaign to sensitise city residents about incidents of violence against children.
According to Naukutju the issue of unsafe food from street vendors will henceforth be part of the presentation when the issue is presented to school children during the Keep Me Safe campaign.

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