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If you cut one tree, plant five

If you cut one tree, plant five

Cameraman: Karl-peter Farao

Samuel Shinedima
THE Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, warned Namibians to refrain from abusing nature and act friendly towards the environment to mitigate climate change.
Shifeta who was the Key Note Speaker during a dedication to Mahatma Gandhi, which took place at the University of Namibia, highlighted the importance of tree in the rain cycle and how deforestation and other anthropogenic activities result in climate change.
“Environmental matters are a huge concern to everyone as Namibia is a very vulnerable country to climate change and we need to join hands, work together towards environmental protection,” Shifeta said.
Minister Shifeta said Namibia and India will collaborate with intelligence support against poaching and also launched a tree planting campaign during which 150 trees in dedication to Mahatma Gandhi who wouldhave been 150-years-old this year, were planted to commemorate World Environment Day.
The High Commissioner of India, H.E. Prashant Agrawal expressed his gratitude as the Indian High Commission partners up with the Namibia nation to mitigate climate change. He further highlighted that unchecked human consumptions, greed and wastage is the root cause of this crisis that stares us squarely in the face today. However, as the Indian nation celebrates the 150th birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement against British colonial rule, Agrawal indicated that the great Mahatma Gandhi was a champion of working with Nature, rather than against it and they are privileged to launch this tree plantation movement in memory of the late Mahatma Gandhi. “I look up to this frail man, this great soul whose 150th Birth Anniversary is being observed all over the world this year. Mahatma Gandhi was an eco-warrior in truest sense”. Agrawal Said

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