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I was driving with my 13-year-old son around town the other day.
Now as a man, you share so many things with your family. Many times you feel you are the bottom feeder in the family. Everything and everyone comes before you, and if you are a real man you accept the status quo since you need to see that everyone’s needs are sorted.
That’s the most important thing, love, protect and provide. Mara sowaar, if there’s one place and thing I am very selfish about it’s my car and the music that I play in my car.
Ekwalifokoli, they can sit in the car ‘’dikbek’’ while I drive… if I feel like listening to National Radio or Kosmos… is my storie. If my wife also feels like getting out, sy kan maar lekker stap… ka’storie yandje, my kar is my kar!
So as we were driving of course I was blasting music fit for a man in his late 40’s… you know those CD’s you buy at Musica… Three for N$ 100-00… that little ka’hoekie your music genre is forced into that symbolizes you are coming to the end of your worth for your country and life.
I was playing an old Jonathan Butler album called “Lies”. My son asked me from the side. “Daddy who is that singing, nice song daddy… is he dead?”
Ek het amper my moer gestrip. “Nee, die man is nie dood nie, he’s alive and well and still making good music gons!”
Okay daddy, I am just asking because everyone that you listen to is always dead! Mukuru, as much as I hated what he was saying dis baie baie waar ook. I looked back as to who filled up all our lives with their talent, a legacy that we will live with forever.
Michael Jackson: King of pop, GOAT (Greatest of all time ) nuff said . If I say more it’s over elaborating.
Elvis Presley: King of Rock ‘n Roll. This man died when I was a mere kid. As I grew older I fell in love with a lot of his music. Great voice. “Can’t help falling in love with you”, killer of a song.
Jackson Kaueujua: My first reference post – Independence of a Namibian artist, who can forget our most famous !gnubu !nubus. He remains our identity.
Bles Bridges: Die Boere se oë word vol trane just by a mere mention of his name. “Laat my lewe, laat my lief he”. His songs remain a strong cultural heritage for Afrikaans music lovers.
James Ingram: “Just once ‘’… hoooo.die Kallits raak mal, this man had a voice… jy blues daai girl stukkend. We will never forget.
Tupac: All these mumble rap k*k of today, sharrap please, no talent.
Aaliyah: I still blast “Back ‘n Forth” from my car now and then.
Brenda Fassie: Mabbrrr… Weekend Special will remain THAT SONG!
Zak van Niekerk: He died a few years ago in a car accident, already so few Afrikaans recognized ones… eish.
Let’s enjoy the talent of our artists, one day they will only live in our memory.

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