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Student leaders chase NANSO President from meeting

Student leaders chase NANSO President from meeting

Eba Kandovazu
EMOTIONS ran high at the beginning of a Namibian National Student Organisation (NANSO) meeting in Windhoek this afternoon where student leaders were supposed to discuss the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund’s inability to finance 12 000 students.
The Spokesperson of NANSO, Tyson Hihangwapo, was one of the student leaders who demanded that the President, Ester Simon excuse herself from the press conference. Hihangwapo explicitly demanded that Simon and her team leave the press conference venue as they were not invited.
After the emotional outburst he denied that his actions were marred by personal agendas.
“I was not carried by emotions nor did I get personal. The students simply do not trust the president and we feel she is a spy because she attends meetings with ministers and the president without our knowledge. Because of our difference in ideologies we cannot be in the same room,” Hihangwapo said.
He indicated that a mass demonstration is scheduled for next week Wednesday, where students across the country will demand that government pulls out N$641 million from its coffers to finance students through loans. The NSFAF recently announced that it will not be providing financing for 12 000 students due to a lack of funds.
NANSO Education Secretary on the other hand expressed disappointment in the manner in which some student leaders acted during the press conference earlier on Monday, saying that the President attended in solidarity with students.
“We went there to try and find ways of dealing with the issue at hand because we are all affected. We simply wanted to engage and find ways around the issue and push government to come through for the students,” Efraim said.

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