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NPL to execute league relegation

NPL to execute league relegation

Aili Iilonga
DESPITE the uncertainty of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) with regards to relegation status, its President, Patrick Kauta, has stated that teams that will finish 14, 15 and 16 on the Log standing will be relegated come Sunday.

Pictured: Namibia Premier League President, Patrick Kauta. – Photo: File

Currently, Orlando Pirates and Civics are occupying 15 and 14 place, respectively on the log standing.
He said that the league has no intention of committing misconduct and as such, it will follow constitutional procedures, with three club facing relegation including Young African, which was demoted earlier this year.
He was responding to questions surrounding the inactiveness of the streaming of the First divisions and concerns that many soccer pundits and fans have regarding the relegation and promotion of teams in the 2018/19 season that will end this weekend.
Kauta, however, noted that relegation will continue despite a final decision yet to be made regarding the commencement of the First Division.
He noted that if by August the First Division has not commenced, the league will be forced to kick off with 13 teams instead of the usual 16 teams.
NPL CEO Herald Fuelle noted that the executive committee is yet to meet up with the normalisation committee (NC) on the way forward.
“We are going to meet with the NC today and finalise the way forward regarding the First division, which will likely be from June to August. So that gives us roughly 12 weeks to get teams promoted into the coming 2019/20 season” said Fuelle.


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