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Daures Constituency in dire straights

Daures Constituency in dire straights

Marthina Mutanga
RESIDENTS of the Daures Constituency in Erongo Region are reliant on a single water truck to stay alive because they are experiencing an acute shortage of water and are in need of an urgent solution to alleviate the problem.
Fabianus Hivirikee Uaseuapuani, the chairperson of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority, which presides over Omatjete, said that two of the three electrically powered borehole pumps are broken and people have no access to much needed water. He said that some of the boreholes in the area have run dry because of the persistent drought.
Uaseuapuani said the problem is compounded because other towns in the Erongo Region which includes Tubusis, Omatjete, Uis and Omaruru are also experiencing the same challenge. He said a sustainable solution is needed to address water shortages at Erongo Region.
The water truck coming from Okombahe currently transports water to some of these affected areas because of the dried up boreholes. When the truck breaks down or is unable to travel the bad rural roads, people have to stay without water for few days.
“There has been a delay in sinking new boreholes in the Region where we can get water. We reported the problems to the Daures Constituency rural water supply office through the Okombahe settlement office but until now, nothing has been done,” said the traditional leader.
The boreholes had dried up and only reservoir filled by the water truck is supplying water to the settlement at the Daures Constituency. The boreholes are supposed to sustain approximately 4 000 residents which includes children boarding at Omatjete Primary School.
Uaseuapuani said that the area is so dry because they hardly received any rain. Some of the live stock kept by the residents has already died and the community fears that they might lose more animals because of water supply problems. The area has been suffering the consequences of the severe drought for the past five years.
“The rain came very late and the grass did not grow enough to be able to sustain livestock until next year.”
Uaseuapuani said the situation is so bad that some of the farmers moved their life stocks to other constituencies to look for help.

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