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Never give up

Never give up

Now I’m no Liverpool supporter, my trust and general affection for soccer has been dampened so badly over the past 15 years by Arsenal, I hardly let my emotions get the best of me.
Sitting down on Tuesday night watching the return leg of the Barcelona/Liverpool battle, to me it was a forgone conclusion as to what will happen again. Messi steps on the pitch, klap Liverpool gou gou and then step to the final of the Champions League.
My son, a big Barcelona supporter, sat next to me boldly bragging: “Ag daddy, Liverpool has no fire power without Sala, since he was injured.” I believed him.
The game starts in a flurry; the level of pressure coming from Liverpool made it very clear what their intention was. This is Anfield, we will fight at our fortress until death.
First goal; and I could see how it rattled Barcelona. The mystique behind their invincibility was revealed immediately. I remembered an old 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called ‘Predator’. For a long time, he and his troops thought the Predator was indestructible. After hurting the beast Arnold silently says “it bleeds… if it bleeds, I can kill it”.
Same feeling I got here from Liverpool’s response after that first goal. That surely galvanized them, from there onwards toe is Barcelona poer in hulle moere.
At the final whistle we were all astonished as to the ease, but the disciplined precision that bloody German coach used his Schutztruppe ancestor’s blitzkrieg tactics to kill Barcelona!
Well, seeing Mohammed Sala coming on the pitch with a t-shirt reading ‘Never give up’ made me think of how important it is to always believe in yourself.
Jiir, dis nie maklik die lewe nie. We all have our challenges in on a daily basis.
As difficult as it seems to raise your kids as a single parent, never give up!
As hopeless your financial situation may seem, keep the faith, never give up!
Your relationship with your spouse is in tatters, julle wil mekaar net moer. If you do love each other… then never give up!
That diagnosis you received from your doctor, yes it was devastating… but you won’t believe how much your mind can move if you stay positive… never give up!
Yes, a lot of people don’t understand the fanaticism about soccer… Yes me too by virtue of that k*k span of mine called Arsenal , but even they taught me a valuable lesson when they fought through to the Uefa Cup final.
Even they showed… never give up!

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