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Kabuba to represent Namibia at Miss Africa pageant

Kabuba to represent Namibia at Miss Africa pageant

Kabuba to represent Namibia at Miss Africa pageant
BANTU ROOTS: The 2nd runner up of Miss Namibia, Kabuba Namukokoba.
_Photo: Zorena Jantze

THE second runner up of Miss Namibia, Kabuba Namukokoba, will be representing Namibia at the Miss Africa Pageant in Johannesburg on 24 November 2018.

Miss Africa is partnering with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in celebration of 100-year Centenary. A total of 12 Finalists will be on a historic Miss Africa 2019 Calendar as part of the celebration.

The young woman, who set down with Informanté, shared her excitement on the event.

Describing herself as an academic-minded young woman who hails from the Zambezi Region, Namukokoba states that she comes from humble beginnings.

“I come from Katima Mulilo. My parents passed on when I was 6 and my siblings raised me. From an early age, I decided to focus on my education as it was the only thing that could liberate me from my circumstances,” Namukokoba stated.

Today, the 23-year-old Namukokoba is a Lab Technician and Mining Engineering lecturer at NUST.

The humble Namukokoba further explained that she never saw herself getting involved in beauty pageants, but was inspired by Rolene Strauss, who won the Miss Universe Pageant in 2014.

Touching on the social issues close to her heart, Kabuba stated that the Namibian youth projects are close to her heart.

“The Namibian youth are currently living in pressured circumstances. Many face unemployment and suicide rates are increasing, especially in males. I engage with my students at NUST and try to teach them that just because you are suffering today, doesn’t mean you’ll struggle forever,” Namukokoba stated.

Giving her take on what beauty means, the beauty queen stated that beauty is not only based on physical appearance but rather the experience one leaves behind after engaging with people.

She added that while the natural/Afrocentric movement has gained momentum in the beauty industry, she added that those who have not caught up with the movement should not be judged.



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