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Enough !

Kyk ne, if I see another video of a man rising from the dead… I’m gonna die myself! If I hear another story around this Pastor Lukau and his botsotso kerk kumukuru tjiri I am driving to Katima. That’s the furthest possible place to get away from all of this nonsense! I don’t know, it just seems that the bible has been right all along the way: Mathew 24:11 “and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people”. I just have no idea who to believe anymore. Dis ń groot groot grap mense. In the meantime, they all fill up their bank accounts with millions of dollars from the poor under the “in order to receive, you must give” tithe lie! Now as you guys know, a few months ago I wrote an article on the different denominations that we have countrywide and the tough choices that one has to make where to go to. Now little did I know that just a few months down the line more controversies will break out on all denominations across the board? En ja, before we even remotely point fingers to the one let’s look at them in detail:

Charismatic churches: Kyk ne, I’ve had enough of this sowaar. It is very clear that the focus is not on the church but on the individual. Think of any charismatic church, chances are that you know the name of the pastor better than the name of the actual church… povii.. of hoe? Bushiri, I don’t know what’s the name of his church. I will have to google it. Lukau, I heard only recently his church name is called Alleluia Ministries. But the focus is not on the church, it’s on “Papa, Man of God, the anointed one” just to name some of the cool narcissist titles these guys give to themselves. You surely forgot that you actually pray to God and not these men. Only when they are in trouble they throw it back to God “No, it was God who created the miracle, not me”. Not all charismatic churches are like this, but its reputation is so tainted currently I can’t see through the fog!

Conventional Churches: Yes, crucify me if you like, is nxa, but let’s bring it out in the open! They are not happy with the current status quo. Can you imagine how these guys feel when they see Bushiri and Lukau driving around in their Bentleys and Ferraris, flaunting their bling bling, vakwetu? This is money that should have gone to their churches mos povii? Now we all know what market share is, its clear Bushiri goede is taking a lot of money away from your conventional churches. Child abuse scandals, sex rings by bishops with nuns, also don’t help the reputation very much. How do you trust Sondag skool with these guys? Mara ja, let me park it riiiight there. I’m for now done with churches, I shall take the lead at my house and pray with my family as I always do. I can’t put my trust nor faith in another man, se moer! I shall channel my money through noble causes to uplift humanity, that’s my tithe to God. I’m not spending one more cent on anointing oil or holy water! If I need fellowship, I shall speak to God directly. Yes, I know it will be said I must not rely on my “own understanding”..mara how can another man think for me? Nee, opuuo.. Finish en klaar.

All the men out there, protect your homes!

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