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Dialysis machines at Rundu hospital broken

Dialysis machines at Rundu hospital broken

Dialysis machines at Rundu hospital broken
Photo for illustration purposes

Eba Kandovazu

THIRTEEN kidney failure patients from Rundu had to seek treatment at Windhoek hospitals for the last two months as the only two available dialysis machines at the north-eastern town had broken down.

Disgruntled family members of the patients, who have had to live without their loved ones since the machines broke, took to social media to express disappointment at the seeming snail pace to rectify the matter.

Rundu state hospital Superintendent Dr. Joseph Mukerenge, confirmed the reports, adding that a company was contracted to fix the faulty machines on Tuesday.

Although he could not disclose the amount that it would take to fix the machines, he said that it would be costly.

“Our machines broke so we alternatively sent our patients to Windhoek for treatment. We provided transport and accommodation for these patients so they are taken care of,” Dr. Mukerenge said.

At the time of confirming the incident, Dr. Mukerenge was attending a management forum meeting in the Capital and said that he could not enquire if the machines had been fixed or not.

He explained that the dialysis machines act as kidneys, in that they detox and get rid of the toxic components for people. As such, it was paramount that the patients be transported to Windhoek for immediate medical care.

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