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India Beckons Boss Madam

India Beckons Boss Madam

India Beckons Boss Madam
NET SO: Sally Boss Madam. _Photo: Contributed

Zorena Jantze

Artist to perform at festival

NAMIBIAN songstress and afro fusion artist, Sally Boss Madam, kicked off the year with a bang as the artist has been invited to India.

In an interview with Informanté, the artist shared her excitement and plans for the new year.

Sally explained that last year she created a song for Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary, where she was requested alongside artists from all over the world to do a cover of a popular Indian song.

She added that through a tutor provided by the Indian Embassy, she learned the song’s lyrics and pronunciation in two weeks.

“We did a little video and send it over to India and people were really impressed by it. My version made a huge impact on television and radio stations, and the Prime Minister of India even twitted about it,” Sally explained.

She noted that after the successful reception of her song, the Indian High Commissioner held a ceremony to honor her for the Hindi song project.

Sally is expected to be leaving for the festival in Delhi to represent Namibia in February.

Talking plans for the year, Sally states that she would like to venture into more projects and corporate deals.

The artist jokingly said that January is usually vacation time for artist and that she will be taking things very slow.

Suffice to say, Sally’s ability of combining traditional African musical styles with a bit of contemporary played by electrifying live bands will see Namibia’s Boss Madam taking the Indian music scene by storm.

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