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My String Theory

My String Theory

My String Theory
DREAMLAND: Some canvases form the “My String Theory”.

Using imagination to create recreating moments

Zorena Jantze

STRUCTURED and created around her own philosophical interpretation of the ‘String Theory’ and how with a touch of imagination a facet of a moment can be captured within a painting, Daniela Magg presents her latest exhibition titled, My Strings Theory.

The exhibition, which is currently showcasing at the El bario restaurant, is expected to run until 12 December and features an eclectic collection of abstract paintings that reflects emotions or thought, and impressions of the artist’s surroundings.

Using her brush to create a mass of interwoven strings, Magg creates a labyrinth of spaces, people and objects that morph into otherworldly works of art.

Magg, who was born and bred in Namibia, studied Biokinetics in South Africa and worked as a biokineticist in Namibia for five years in total, before quitting biokinetics to explore her greatest passion, art.

The 35-year-old artist, who has had 3 solo exhibition already, stated that this current collection of paintings is inspired by humanity as a collective within her momentary existence.

“Many of my daily experiences and memories are embedded in these pieces.  Every stroke that I create is not only a reflection of emotions or thought, but also carries all the impressions of my surroundings, which were either influenced by other human-beings like family, friends and my loving partner or nature and my surroundings,” Magg stated.

The artist further explained that she decided to title her exhibition My String Theory, a name taken from the actual scientific definition of the string theory which explains the origin of the universe, of reason in existence within nature’s DNA, how all is connected in and within the Micro- and Macro- view of existence.

“Within my paintings, at least in this series of paintings, I incorporated both a sewing-needle and a string to symbolise how all is connected… your life and my life, despite our differences, in reality we are all humans and live on this planet, earth, experience similar emotions and thoughts,” she explained.

Abstract, unique with unlimited options in perception, Magg’s my string theory leaves the viewer with their own choice of creation.

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