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Shocked by massive budget cut- Tobias

Shocked by massive budget cut- Tobias

Shocked by massive budget cut- Tobias

UNITED: Nestor Tobias, MTC’s John Ekongo and Kiriat ‘KK’ Kamanya.__Photo: Contributed

Boxing staples to receive N$4,9 mil sponsorship each

Aili Iilonga

WORLD recognised Namibian boxing promoter, Nestor Tobias, says he is shocked and surprised by the recent budget cuts as a result of main sponsor MTC bringing on board Salute Boxing Academy.

The decision to sponsor another boxing academy means each boxing staple will receive a total N$4,9 million sponsorship for the next three years.

Tobias, who was visibly disappointed, implied that his camp has produced four world title and over 58 continental champions.

“I was surprise by this action, but it’s not to say that Salute does not deserve this sponsorship deal, but we definitely have developed more boxers on world stages. So the budget cuts really shocked me,” he said.

Telecommunications giant, MTC, this week announced a new sponsorship deal with Kiriat ‘KK’ Kamanya’s Salute boxing academy on a three-year contract, in addition to the renewed contract with Nestor’s Sunshine Boxing Academy.

Newly promoted Corporate Affairs Manager, John Ekongo said that each staple will receive N$1,6 million annually, summing the investment to N$4,9 million each.

“We are well aware that there are so many promotes who struggle with funding because boxing is an expensive sport, and as much as we want to accede, we are simply unable to accommodate all of them because often we are stretched beyond sustainability and carrying capacity,” said Ekongo.

Kamanya expressed gratitude for the opportunity given, saying that for years he has been knocking and fighting alone in order to establish his brand on the international boxing scene.

“I am very happy for what  MTC did. I have really been fighting for years to get sponsorship deals and it has finally happened,” he said.

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