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VOCALIST EnchantÈ to showcase new music

VOCALIST EnchantÈ to showcase new music

VOCALIST EnchantÈ to showcase new music
SMOOTH SOUND: Ready for an evening of great music._Photo: Contributed

Zorena Jantze

Plans to perform 15 original tracks

CHANTELL Uiras, better known as Enchanté, is a Namibian vocalist and guitar player who has performed numerous concerts in the capital’s music scene.

Extensively known for blowing audiences away with harmonious acoustics in languages such as Nama/Damara, and strumming the guitar with finesse, the artist is rarely one to disappoint. This time, Enchanté will be next in life for the Goethe-Institut’s Night Under the Stars (NUTS) concert evening, where music meets the open night sky.  The event will take place on Friday, 1 March 2019.

Enchanté explains that she has spent the past year perfecting a set of tracks she can call her own.  In the past, the artist collaborated with the likes of Jeff Neosoul, Miss H, Ashwyn Mberi and Slickartie and is known for her Alternative, Indie and Jazz inspired style.

“It is good to be inspired by other musicians but even more important is for a musician or vocalist to develop their own narrative that produces original music,” said Enchanté.

She said her performance at NUTS will feature at least 15 original tracks that are close to her heart.

“My goal is to go beyond the ears of the audience and reach into their soul. My music is raw and pure, my music is me,” she said.

Making up Enchanté band assemblage will be Nicolau, Zito Zezito, Nick Nguza and Marc Du Plessis who will with the sounds of a bass guitar, keyboard, drum set and lead guitar elevate the vocalist’s melodic structure.

Their intention is to create the feeling of a poetry lounge and resonate the vibe of new-age jazz.

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