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King Tee Dee speaks on “The One I Love”

King Tee Dee speaks on “The One I Love”

King Tee Dee speaks on “The One I Love”
BACK ON THE SCENE: Namibian artist, Martin Morocky. _Photo: Contributed

Zorena Jantze

Artist to focus more on Afro beat music

CONTRARY to the raving Kwaito music concerts he has become famous for, Martin Morocky, better known as The Dogg and now referring to himself to as King Tee Dee, sits quietly in his office located in Parkfoods, Khomasdal, where an eclectic array of Mshasho Brand clothing is hung up in his boutique.

Requested for a one on one interview, the artist meets up with me.

Upon my arrival, however, he seems pre-occupied with his mobile phone and tells me to wait outside.

With the Monday morning blues in full swing, time seems to sludge by like cement. The artist eventually emerges from his back office into the boutique.  I smile and ask him if he remembers our interview from last year as I introduce myself, however, he cuts me mid-sentence and tells me to “just ask my questions.”

Not at all what I expected from a professional with years of experience in the music industry, but I put it down to him having a bad day and get right into the interview.

Q: Tell us about the song, “The One I Love” ft Diamond Platniumz?

MM: It’s a love song. I choose to collaborate with Diamond Platniumz because he is one of the biggest artist in east Africa and I am the biggest here. I want to break my music out in Africa and internationally as well, and featuring big artist like Diamond Platiniumz gives my music such an opportunity. I am quite happy as to how the song has been performing as it is not only topping local charts but was a top single on South Africa’s YFEM

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

MM: I am currently working on my first album under the name King Tee Dee, which will be launched on 28 September 2019. I also plan to formally launch the rebranding of “The Dogg” to King Tee Dee at the album launch.

Q: Are you still involved in the Smart Cut Campaign?

MM: Yes, I’m still the Ambassador of Health for the Smart Cut Campaign. I will also be representing Air Namibia this year, as well as my brand Mshasho. My brand has received worldwide attention. We receive about a 1000 orders per day, so its looking great for any investor out there. This would be an opportune time to invest in the Mshasho brand.

Q: What’s the Difference between The Dogg’s  and King Tee Dee’s music?

MM: I’m doing more Afro beat inspired music now, which is huge on the market right now. It’s what the people are dancing to. In the past my style was more kwaito, however, you will notice on my first song as King Tee Dee ”The One I Love”, I sing and rap as well, while the Dogg would focus more on Rapping only.

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