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Basking in lyrical ability with Skrypt

Basking in lyrical ability with Skrypt

Basking in lyrical ability with Skrypt
FIRE: Local Rapper, Skrypt._Photo: Album Art

Zorena Jantze

New album a true Artistic piece

WITH the DIY revolution of bedroom laptop producers and fly by night artists, it’s difficult to find something that sounds shiny and opulent.

Hitjivirue Katjatenja, better known as Skrypt can, however, be described as a seriously underrated Namibian artist.

The young artist, who has made waves with his collaboration with Namibian artists such as Lioness, Paradox and KP Illest, dropped his debut album last year titled, “For the Wait” and has not looked back since.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Skrypt quickly made it clear that he is a man of few words and would rather have his music speak for itself.

On a scale from one to throw it out of the window, the Skrypt’ s “For the Wait”  album can be considered as a true Artistic piece on the Namibian rap scene. The rapper delivering a composed flow of lyrical punchlines on songs such as “Waiting on You” ft KP illestt.

“Don’t let the money change your vision of wealth” the artist raps, his boom boom bab beats equitable to vinyl smoothness.

The artist features, local Ova Trap rapper, Nga-I on two songs, the artist explaining that rapping in his mother tongue allows audiences to own the music, as it’s culturally reflective.

Skrypt stated that this year he will be focusing on creating more visuals in terms of music videos and art for his songs

He added that his most recent album, “For the Wait”, is based on every day issues of life and people. He further noted that the album features only two collaborations, with KP Illest and Nga-I, as he mainly wanted to make it a solo project.

The artist, who lived a total 11 years in South Africa and Austria, stated that most of his background instrumentals were from outside.

He, however, said that this year he plans to work only with Namibian producers.

“This year I’m looking to work with a host of people. There’s a growing perception that quality sound can only be found internationally, however, those people are the best in those countries because people support them. It’s time to grow our own talent,” Skrypt said.

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