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Mali claims NPL heads out to get him

Mali claims NPL heads out to get him

Mali claims NPL heads out to get him
Putting Order: NPL chairman Patrick Kauta and League Administrator, Joshua Tovey Hoebeb._Photo: Aili Iilonga

Aili Iilonga

Musekiwa continues playing for African Stars despite fraud confession

CHAIRMAN of the Young African Football Club, Mali Ngarizemo, insists that the current charges laid against his club are not only illegal and unfair, but are lies concocted by the bitter ousted NPL bosses.

Ngarizemo didn’t hold any punches back when talking to Informanté on the latest development regarding his club’s demotion from the NPL.

The club was also slapped with a N$50 000 fine for fraud and dishonesty after the club registered a Zimbabwean player with false documentations during the 2017/18 season.

“The player, Tapiwa Musekiwa, plays for African Stars, so how do you allow someone to pay after they declared such information? Is it because he is playing for the chairman’s club? It’s a big joke,” he said.

He further explained that his club, through their lawyer, wrote a letter to the NPL vice chairman Boni Paulino to retract its status as it did not follow procedures. “They saw our letter and they ignored it. So now we will file an appeal as per our constitution and that will mean that they will have to allow us to play pending the outcomes of the appeal or stop the league so that our appeal is heard,” he said. Ngarizemo is of the opinion that NFA was supposed to raise the issue seven days after the league ended, but failed to do so. “These charges brought to the club are illegal and we will definitely fight them. This matter was raised only after the league ended and we were notified of the charges in November, which is against the football constitution which states that such complaints were supposed to be raised seven days after the league ended,” he said.

He added that should the NPL not attend to their appeal soonest, the matter will be taken to the High Court on Friday. NPL chairman, Patrick Kauta, however, noted that the player received the deserved penalties that are within the jurisdiction of the league despite Musekiwa committing identity fraud and only serving a seven match ban. Kauta, during a recent media conference, said that the league prosecutor, Kadhila Amoomo, had decided not to prosecute the player after he admitted his involvement in the matter.

“The club was demoted by virtue of a disciplinary committee decision when they forfeit points and the player was suspended and served with a seven match ban pending disciplinary committee outcome,” he said.  Kauta, however, shies away from acknowledging that Musekiwa committed a criminal offense as he admitted to identity fraud.

“The league has no jurisdiction over criminal matters,” is all Kauta was willing to say.

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