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Child forced to lie on behalf of murderers

Child forced to lie on behalf of murderers

Child forced to lie on behalf of murderers

Niel Terblanche

Relentless detective work led to the arrest of two young women in connection with the murder the 40-year-old Willem Rudolf at the Spitzkoppe informal settlement near Usakos after they attempted to hide their crime by forcing a child to lie on their behalf.
According to Deputy Commissioner Hophni Hamufungu, acting commander of the Police Public Relations Division, a 21-year-old woman, the live-in girlfriend of the deceased, and her 31-year-old female accomplice was arrested at the start of the New Year’s weekend.
“The suspects attempted to hide their heinous deed by pretending to discover the body of the victim they day after he died by forcing a child to lie on their behalf to perpetuate the deception. It was initially reported that Rudolf arrived home after a night at certain entertainment establishments and that he told a small boy at home that he was assaulted. He did not mention or describe his assailants to the child. It was alleged by the little boy that victim went to sleep shortly afterwards and the he never woke up again.” 
The girlfriend told family and friends that she discovered the dead person in the shack they shared on Thursday, the morning after the alleged attack. According to Deputy Commissioner Hamufungu the family subsequently notified the police.
“Meanwhile, police investigation into the matter revealed that the deceased man was in actual fact severely assaulted by his 21-year-old lover and her 31-year-old female accomplice. The two women then locked up the shack and left the scene of their crime to spend the night elsewhere. They returned in the morning and started spreading their false account of what transpired.”
It is not clear if the child the suspects actually forced the child to spend the night with the deceased and if the boy is related to any of the two women. 
Deputy Commissioner Hamufungu indicated that the duo was charged with murder under the Domestic Violence Act when they were arrested on Friday.

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