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Unlicensed driver arrested after causing an accident

Unlicensed driver arrested after causing an accident

Unlicensed driver arrested after causing an accident

Niel Terblanche

A man was arrested for driving a vehicle without a valid drivers license after another person was seriously injured during a motor vehicle accident on the gravel road between Uis and Omihana on Christmas Eve.
According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, the accident occurred at about 21:50 when the 45-year-old Paulus Shashipapo, overturned the vehicle he was driving after he lost control lost over it.
“Besides the fact that Shashipapo had no license, the vehicle he drove was not even roadworthy. About 20 kilometres from Uis he lost control and the dark blue Ford pickup with registration number N 616 OM next to the gravel road.”
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said one of the occupants, a 20-year-old man sustained serious injuries and was transported to the clinic at Uis for stabilisation and further medical care. He said the young man was in a serious condition and might still be taken to Omaruru State Hospital if his condition does not improve.
The two other occupants of the vehicle sustained only light injuries and did not need intensive medical care
“Shashipapo did not sustain any injuries and was arrested on the scene on charges of reckless and negligence driving as well as charges of operating a motor vehicle without a driver ‘s license and operating an unroadworthy vehicle on a public road. “
Shashipapo is scheduled to appear in the Omaruru Magistrate’s Court on Thursday on the charges leveled against him.

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