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Looters take whats left of burned cargo

Looters take whats left of burned cargo

Looters take whats left of burned cargo

Niel Terblanche

Motorists passing by the wreckage of a heavy truck that was destroyed by fire looted what they could salvage from the cargo of maze meal and other types of dry food it was carrying.
According to the Erongo Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the driver of the heavy vehicle was heading to Walvis Bay with a cargo of dry food when the truck burst out into flames.
“The 43-year-old driver of the 440 Volvo Truck with registration number N 4728 OT which belongs to Otjiwarongo Break Down Services (OBS) told officers on the scene that the right front tyre of the vehicle burst while he was driving. He allegedly struggled to bring the truck to a stand still for approximately 300 metres and after he managed to stop it, he realised that the same tyre which burst has caught fire and the flames quickly spread and engulfed the entire vehicle and the its trailer.”
Commissioner Iikuyu said the incident occurred Thursday morning at about 05:00 on a B2 road approximately 20 kilometres from Usakos on the way to Arandis. The truck was completely destroyed by the flames.
He said the driver of the vehicle managed to escape in time to avoid any injuries.

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