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One on One with Shines

One on One with Shines

One on One with Shines
VOCALIST: Samuel Shinedima._Photo: Contributed

WITH more than six years in the entertainment industry as an aspiring singer, self-taught pianist, guitarist and actor, the multi-talented vocalist Samuel Shinedima, better known as Samuel Shines, has kept the pace constricted and unswerving after discovering his love for the stage.

Being born in Tsumeb, Namibia, the 27-year-old explains that he started off a s a live singer performing with his piano and guitar, but due to public demand decided to start recording music.

Ever since, his first single, tilted Boo’d Up, has received much attention from R&B fans in country, with his song receiving 1,500 downloads.

“Boo’d up is based on a true story and is reflective of feelings I felt at that time. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances separate you from the ones you care about. This inspired me to pen down the lyrics to this song,” Shines stated.

Though he first started as a rapper, the self-taught pianist/guitarist later started working on his vocal skills, mastering the art of singing until he attained the basics of holding a note. Being a pianist from the very young age, he started performing at local events by doing covers in Florida to Cape Town during his university years until his returned to the Namibia.

The vocalist, however, maintains that he is more academic oriented, as he can do music in his free time.  His first performance was at the first Song Night Show for 2017 and he lately associated with the multi-award winning RnB Queen Ann Singer by doing a couple of shows together in Windhoek City.

With his soulful sound, the colour of romance in his voice and his charismatic stage character, Shines explained that the Namibian music industry is lacking in male singers who can really hit a note.

“I want to reshape the music industry, fuse old school and contemporary sounds together and create good music,” Shines stated. Young, talented and passionate about R&B music, Shines is an artist to look out for on the Namibian music industry.


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