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Pensioner wins big

Pensioner wins big

Pensioner wins big

Marthina K Mutanga

A LIFE of doubt has become a life of believing that anything is possible said Scobit Andrew, a pensioner who has won the Legal Shield/Informanté  Unique Number Competition.

Scobit, who is from Okahandja, said his daughter checked the winning numbers in an Informanté he received from the shop he religiously visits every week and told him he was a winner.

“I was at that moment on top of the house’s roof fixing a leak when I heard I won. I was so excited I did a happy dance on top of the roof,” said Scobit.

He said he will use the money to fix up his house, “in a happy, jolly mood” with the N$20 000 he won. He said he is glad that he is a paid up member of Legal Shield which doubled the amount he won from N$10 000 to N$20 000.

Scobit urged people to become Legal Shield members as it offers peace of mind.

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