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Mental patient steals, crashes ambulance

Mental patient steals, crashes ambulance

Mental patient steals, crashes ambulance

Maria David

A NINETEEN-year-old pregnant girl from Opuwo, Kapuike Rahaneua, and her unborn child narrowly escaped death after a mental patient stole the ambulance in which she was being transported to hospital and caused the vehicle to crash.

According to the Oshana Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Hilya Haipumbu, the 23-year-old Kristof Kuume, a man suffering from mental illnesses, from Omundaungilo village in Ohangwena Region stole the ambulance in an attempt to escape from the mental ward of the Oshakati State Hospital.

“The suspect escaped from Ward 16 and drove away with the ambulance while the pregnant girl was still in the back. At one stage the mentally ill man lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn. The incident occurred around 02:10 on Tuesday,” said Haipumbu.

According to bystanders, the driver went to fetch a wheelchair to move the pregnant girl from the ambulance to the emergency room and upon his return, he was informed that another person took the vehicle and drove it away.

“Neither the pregnant girl nor the escaped person sustained any serious injuries but both were returned to the hospital in another ambulance. The girl was taken to theater and is still in hospital in a stable condition. The man was safely returned to Ward 16,” he said.

Haipumbu was unable to give a reason for the pregnant girl being transported from Opuwo to Oshakati by ambulance, but it is suspected that she was experiencing complications with her pregnancy.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

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