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Judgement Fails

Judgement Fails

Judgement Fails

BAD judgement is not a criminal offence, but when it threatens the justice and equality that underpin the Namibian Constitution, it should be condemned as such.

Unlike crime that ends in punishment and correction, lack of judgement from leaders will drive the final nail of apathy and contempt into the coffin of representative and constitutional democracy in the national interest and according to common values and decency.

In the over-eagerness and gross overestimation of her importance, the Swapo Secretary-General, Sophia Shaningwa, in her support for a convicted comrade in the Swapo Politburo, Tobie Aupindi, abused the most powerful Namibian political office in Namibian history to cast doubt on the much respected independence of the Namibian judiciary, that Namibia is internationally admired for.

Nobody ever considered that the Swapo SG is illiterate and therefore the only option is to conclude that Shaningwa deliberately and maliciously called the courts unfair in finding her “boy” guilty of dishonesty.

Shaningwa confirmed the double standards that is becoming a culture amongst Swapo leaders and deepens doubt about fairness in Swapo itself. Paulus Kapia, a former Swapo Youth Leader, parliamentarian and Deputy Minister of Works, who lost all his positions in the party before he was found guilty by any court, must wonder what gave Tobie Aupindi the political amnesty that he himself never enjoyed.

Shaningwa herself will recognize the difference in treatment between Aupindi and Kapia.

The greatest tragedy is that Aupindi is a talented Namibian who want to put the bad experience behind him, because he has a lot to contribute to the social, economic and political development of the Namibia of the future. He did not complain about unfairness.

He did not deserve a double punishment from a Shaningwa endorsement. She will not apologize to the nation otherwise she would have done so. The least she can do is to apologise for the embarrassment her bad judgement caused the young rising star.

The insult of Shaningwa of judges and magistrates who cannot defend themselves, and therefore are soft targets of an unguided political missile in an already hostile and toxic political atmosphere is bad judgment and even worse leadership.

Most disappointing is the deafening silence from the different bodies representing the legal fraternity, who under the most difficult and immense political pressures withstood wrongs to always come out on the side of right against might.

It is therefore no surprise that her political twin, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, who benefitted more than she contributed to the Geingob popularity and historical majority in the elections and landmark 2017 Congress also found the courage to undermine the ACC integrity by accusing them of a political conspiracy against her. It is unthinkable that she breaks down the institutions that the State rely on to fight corruption.

Both  Hanse-Himarwa and her sister-in-arms, Shaningwa, overestimate their political power by underestimating their national duty.

What makes matters even more serious and worse is that Shaningwa, paralytic drunk with power, reveals that there is even more serious corruption that is not being punished.

She is failing in her civic duty not to report the serious cases she knows of or she does not have the courage to do so. The iron ladies with feet of clay.

Hanse-Himarwa’s political legacy as Hardap Governor of Hardap is the formation of two political parties that got seats in Parliament, the UPM and the WRP, while the landless movement of her former Governor colleague, Bernardus Swartbooi, is waiting for registration.

The South voted with their feet in the regional elections with their feet away from the ballot box and despite the lowest turnouts of Hardap and Karas, Dr Geingob achieved a majority of historic proportions.

It is therefore not only thankless to undermine the efforts of Dr Geingob to root out corruption, but it is disrespect of the highest order to attack the institutions that are entrusted to secure administration with integrity. Off course, they are innocent until proven guilty, however, they are habitual offenders of bad judgement.

They can still save some honour if they listen to their consciences that knows what is right or wrong.

They are losing public sympathy and trust of their comrades, but should not lose their self-respect too.

It is becoming more difficult for everyday Namibians to believe and support leaders that neither demand nor demonstrate the highest standard of public or political service.

Political leaders, when they are appointed by the president, any president, are the most privileged and most trusted, and are therefore compelled to a higher standard.

They should reward leadership with more commitment in creating a nation with a national value system by being the best examples rather the worst offenders.

It is time that Namibia starts with a clean slate where leaders are held to their oath to protect the dignity of Namibia.

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