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Trustco United unveils new sporting kit

Trustco United unveils new sporting kit

TRUSTCO United recently unveiled their latest sporting kits at the Trustco United Sports Club in Olympia, Windhoek.

Players from the various teams including rugby, cricket, hockey and netball gathered for this memorable event. Trustco Group Holdings, the main sponsor of the club, celebrated its 20-year commitment to one of the oldest and most respected sport clubs in Namibia once again through the new sport equipment of the various codes.

Neville Basson, Head of Corporate Communications of Trustco Group, singled out the group’s continuous support towards Trustco United as one of its major annual CSI initiatives.

‘’We consider the sponsorship as value for money and worthy of the investment. Trustco United is rewarding it both on and off the field with their performance and sound administration,” Basson said. Trustco Group Holdings furthermore committed to raising the profile of the club via pledging funding for the hosting of various coaching clinics and events to further develop professional structures and development.

The introduction of world renowned former South African Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers, underscored the group’s commitment during 2016 and 2017 to provide unrivaled experience in high performance training for coaching at the club and Namibia as a whole.

Various coaches at the club and countrywide can attest to the impact his clinics had for us as a country. This has also reflected in the club’s overall performance and the victory of Trustco United Rugby Club over UNAM Rugby Club, the premier league champions for preceding 3 years.

Trustco United 1st team rugby captain, Winmar Rust, expressed his appreciation once again towards Trustco Group in its continued support of the club. “On behalf of my team and all the sporting codes represented, we are humbled and honoured to wear these jerseys. We go out on the fields and play with passion every time we put them on, knowing that we have a partner backing our skills and commitment. We don’t have to worry about anything else out there except to perform well,” he explained.

The newly elected chairman of Trustco United, Nico Jacobs, also thanked Trustco Group for its support. “Under the current economic conditions that we as a country and a region face, there’s no better response than humility when a corporate entity such as Trustco makes itself willing and open to the vision of continuous development of initiatives that remains the life blood of the club’s supporters,” he said.

As Namibians, we are proud to have witnessed our beloved Welwitschias rugby team qualify for the 2019 World Cup, a feat repeating itself successfully since 1999. A national team that is filled with a number of Trustco United Club rugby players demonstrated a gutsy performance against a spirited Kenyan side to qualify comfortably. The netball team of the club is also showing steady performance midway through the league and currently makes a strong case for bringing home the league title at the end of the season.

The club also foresees a strong performance in the other sporting codes, cricket and hockey, whose seasons just kicked off.

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