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House Arrest

House Arrest

Neville Basson
Neville Basson

You know, this thing of not staying in jou baan…wanna move around places that’s completely out of your moral or age “jurisdiction”…these things must stop!

I always pride myself into adapting to whatever circumstances I find myself in. If I hang met die Boere, I do what they do and I eat what they eat. When I’m doing kasielife I do kasielife. That’s the time you wanna get down and kabaza like only you can do.

I won’t let my age or background stop me from having as much fun as the people around me. Now, then there are times when this fun, as much as you try, just isn’t to your liking.

I was invited to visit one of our local bars by a friend of mine. “Etsche Nebil, omes sa’tkina kheisa outyds, kom ons gaan hang bietjie by my bra se spot ti’axa.”  Now, if mevrou gives you off for the evening to go and enjoy yourself, you must grab it with both hands. She also knows mos my sidechick period is over, “is okay hy sal niks gaan maak nie sobiso”.

We rock up to the joint and most of the people there are roughly between the age of 25 to 35. I tell myself ai tog kapena oumba tjiri, I can hang with the program. I will order myself a gin and tonic and gaan hang maar po’hoekie. Now as you guys all know, within the above mentioned age group House Music has been the in thing for you guys mos…don’t get me wrong, I myself like a bit of House Music now and then…Maar esses man, you can’t “doef, doef, doef” the same beat for five hours, bliksaaam, ons is ook hierso man!

During the evening three DJs changed hands at the tables, why I don’t know cos they come en speel net dieselfde k*k as die vorige een. The crowd goes wild hooooooo…mara sowaar, I don’t understand the hype! Now can I humbly ask the DJs from around our country, please have a bit of sympathy for some of us out here who are deep in our 40s…Deep House is cool mara alternate a bit just to break the monotony. My humble request is as follows tog.

Brenda Fassie – Anything from Weekend Special to Too late for Mama, just to make us feel like its 1983 again.

Malaika or Mafikizolo – Yes , when one of those play we are well on our way in the party, nice beats

Mendoza – Kom tog asb, Nkalakatha is the only Kwaito song white people know tog, they hear it at Loftus everytime die Bulle scores a try. Speel tog laat die Boere ook jive! As julle nie het nie, they normally lose their minds over Theuns Jordaan, speel vir Theuns!

Michael Jackson – Rock with You, die Kleurlinge raak mal as daai song speel, speel tog voor hulle hulle ma vloek!

Jaloersbokkie – Hooo jirrieee…ek hor eintlik hoe begin daai kitaar, this normally see everyone scatter off the dance floor leaving only Basters on the floor, hulle smeer uit soos hulle langarm!

Gazza, Big Ben – ja, whatever song but we gotta play our local artists.

  1. Prince Kaybee – Yes, Club Controller, that’s my favorite House song currently. That should make us enjoy House Music fully if we are all accommodated!

So to all DJs out there, stop keeping us under HOUSE ARREST when we visit your clubs, ons wil ook jive…gons!

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